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Consultant Terry – our man on the run for 10 hours

Posted by Georgie Betts on 21/12/2017
Terry Nelson

North Wales recruitment consultant Terry Nelson put his best foot forward to complete the ultimate running challenge.

Terry, 33, ran for just over 10 hours to reach the finishing point in the Brecon Beacons Ultra 46-mile, a mixed trail of mountains and roads in South Wales.

His time of 10 hours and four minutes put him in 94th place out of the 320 runners who started.

This was the first time that Terry, who has been at Russell Taylor Group’s Wrexham office for three years, had attempted this type of mileage.

He said: “I’ve run a lot of half-marathons around North Wales and Chester and did the Wrexham marathon back in March. But never having done mileage like this before, I wasn’t even sure whether I would be able to finish this one.

“Training was a big commitment - I didn’t drink alcohol for four months prior to the event. I would run three nights a week, have two nights in the sauna to recover and then back-to-back long runs at the weekend up in the mountains, 25 miles on Saturday followed by 20 miles on Sunday. There were times when I questioned what I was doing!

“The finish line was amazing because the support was overwhelming. The organisers and volunteers run Ultras themselves so understand the pain you go through.

“My fiancée got up with me at 5am on the day of the run and drove around the course all day to see me at different points, armed with Jelly Babies. To see her at the finish line was brilliant. She had been really understanding through all the training which meant a lot to me. There’s no way I could have done it without her support and she’s glad to get her drinking partner back!

“I burnt just over 6,000 calories so the following few days were made up of eating and drinking lots.”

Terry already has 2018 in his sights for other running challenges. His best friend’s daughter has cystic fibrosis so he is looking to run a marathon to raise money for her as well as doing the Wrexham half-marathon in February. He’s also planning to take part in the Chester Ultra Marathon 52 miles in March, Pen Llyn 75-mile Ultra in June and then the Brecon Beacons Ultra again in November.