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Russell Taylor Group says new quantity surveying talent can tackle skills shortage

Posted by Georgie Betts on 19/06/2018
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As one of the hottest commodities on the jobs market – due to their short supply in the construction industry - quantity surveyors are now high on the business agenda of Russell Taylor Group.

Trained professionals such as quantity surveyors are currently at an all-time low in the UK, at a time when their expertise is most needed to address the industry’s skills shortage.

Yet the rewards are substantial for a new breed of QS, ones who can see the advantage of being in demand and – apart from carving out a successful career in construction or engineering – can ultimately become top earners.

Steve McCarthy, manager of Russell Taylor Group’s Technical and Power Engineering Division, explained: “The problem of getting quantity surveyors into both the construction and engineering industries has been with us for some time, probably since we turned the corner following the recession of 2008.

Once the market started to turn around, prices and cost cutting was a top priority to all of our clients alike and, ever since, quantity surveyors have been in demand.

“There’s currently a massive number of QS vacancies nationally so people with the right skills and background are truly a hot commodity. These are great jobs with lots of potential for career progression – plus the fact that being in demand means bigger windows of opportunity to earn more money.

“A good QS will always be in demand and, because of the skills shortage in this sector, it’s likely there’ll always be jobs available. Those with significant experience already know they are well sought after so they can ask for more money in return.”

However, Russell Taylor Group has its sights set on attracting new blood into the industry. Ideal candidates for QS jobs are graduates with either one or two years’ experience in quantity surveying.

Steve added: “Managing costs from the design stage of a project to completion means that quantity surveyors are among the most important staff within construction, building and engineering.

“But now they are also key to tackling the skills shortages in these sectors where market conditions appear very positive. Many of the more mature, experienced quantity surveyors are reaching retirement age and their knowledge gained over a working lifetime will disappear with them, leaving a skill gap in the market and creating a vacuum that a new generation of quantity surveyors will need to fill.

“Our role now is to attract new talent where this emerging breed of quantity surveyors still has the ability to learn from their older mentors yet bring to projects fresh ideas, contract knowledge and the enthusiasm vital to growing and supporting the UK economy.”