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Ben gets into gear to encourage colleagues to cycle to fitness

Posted by Catherine Tidy on 5/09/2019
Ben Evans Bike Copy

RECRUITMENT consultant Ben Evans is getting into gear at Russell Taylor Group to give colleagues an easy ride to fitness.

Ben, already a keen cyclist, is hoping others will ditch their four wheels for two by biking to work at the company’s Burton Manor headquarters rather than using their cars.

Even with the approach of autumn, senior consultant Ben is convinced there’s no better time than now to enjoy the open roads on the way to and from their new office base, set in the heart of one of Wirral’s most picturesque locations.

And the added bonus is that biking to Burton, as well as being a healthy alternative to driving, can save employees money due to the government’s Bike2Work scheme where employers can offer tax savings on bikes and cycling equipment.

Ben, who cycles around eight miles each way from his home in Heswall, said: “There’s nothing quite like cycling through the lanes to and from Burton. Apart from the fact you have all this amazing open countryside around you, it’s a great way to exercise – and it’s free.

“Already some of my colleagues are planning to swap their cars for bikes. There’s still a few decent weeks of cycling before the autumn weather sets in but, hopefully by the end of winter, we’ll have a good team of us ready to enjoy spring and summer on the open roads.”

The Bike2Work scheme is aimed at getting more people on their bikes to encourage healthier lifestyles and to help reduce environmental pollution. By offering tax savings, the national scheme gives a company’s employees a cost-effective way to hit the road.

Rob Kurton, managing director at Russell Taylor Group, added: “Ben is an inspirational force for fitness within the business and this initial move to make the change from driving to cycling will hopefully encourage others to do the same.

“Our company thrives on a happy and motivated workforce. Their health and wellbeing can only be enhanced by an initiative such as this as well as making a positive contribution to the preservation of the environment by employees deciding to leave their cars at home.”