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Russell Taylor Group’s Manufacturing Division strengthens as UK optimism grows

Posted by Catherine Tidy on 23/12/2019
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THE nation’s spending habits are continuing to strengthen the position of Russell Taylor Group’s Manufacturing Division in the global technical recruitment market – and show that UK manufacturing industries are thriving.

Despite the economic uncertainties of 2019, the recruitment of high quality permanent and temporary talent in production and operational roles is showing no signs of diminishing in the New Year.

And that, according to Manufacturing Division manager Kelly Newell, can be attributed in no small measure to an increase in spending on luxury goods, food and drink.

She said: “Recruitment for vacancies in manufacturing can possibly be seen as a reflection of people’s optimism about the future. The beauty and cosmetics industries are exploding as are food and drink and the luxury goods markets.

“No matter how gloomy the picture has been painted of the country over the past couple of years, no one has stopped spending. In fact, spending in these areas has risen, creating a need for more engineering and technological advances to keep pace with this boom.

“For all the clothing, shoes and other luxury goods that are being made, there’s a growing need for the manufacturing tools and equipment to provide the materials and packaging. For all the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, there are bottles, bottle tops and labels to be produced – all of which need a constant supply line of labour.” 

Between 2015 and 2019, the luxury goods market in the UK - one of the leading markets for luxury goods in Europe and globally - has been increasing annually. Its market value rose by around 30 per cent to reach 59.3 billion euros in 2019 and projections show the trend is expected to continue with the market forecast to value 65.7 billion euros by 2020.

The alcohol industry is predicted to make an extra £5 billion by 2022, taking its value to £46.7 billion, while the retail value of the beauty and personal care market reached around 16 billion euros this year and is expected to reach 16.8 billion euros in 2020.

Russell Taylor Group’s Manufacturing Division was set up two years ago to specifically supply a labour force of contract and permanent roles, ranging from skilled trades through to senior management and executive level, in general manufacturing and fast-moving consumer goods. Recruiters service areas including automotive, aerospace, food, pharmaceutical and science.

Rob Kurton, managing director at Russell Taylor Group, added: “Figures show that the country’s manufacturing industries are thriving and, contrary to common belief, hold a strong position in the UK. We are currently the world’s eighth largest industrial nation – 44 per cent of our exports are manufactured goods and there are currently 2.6 million people directly employed in this sector.

“Manufacturing Division is making such a great addition to our own business growth and, if predictions uphold that the UK could break into the top five largest industrial nations by 2021, will further contribute to Russell Taylor Group’s expansion on its other national and international platforms in Construction Management, Technical and Engineering, Construction and Civils Trades and Industrial Trades.”