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New nuclear power programme heralds Russell Taylor Group jobs growth

Posted by Alex Rutter on 26/04/2022
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TENS of thousands of jobs needed to build new power stations in the UK are set to bring a further boost to Russell Taylor Group’s own workforce to cope with a growing skills demand.

Already, the business has seen a surge on its employment front as an increasing number of consultants are being taken on to supply the nuclear and power industries with highly-skilled professionals to meet the energy sector’s decarbonisation targets.

Now, in light of soaring global gas prices, plans to create eight more power stations as part of the national strategy to generate the country’s own power, predictions are that this “new nuclear” will create many thousands of high-quality jobs and drive economic growth.

Said Russell Taylor’s Technical and Engineering operations manager Steve McCarthy: “Even at the height of the pandemic, there was still a massive demand for qualified engineers. From project engineers, control systems engineers and quantity surveyors through to Safety case professionals and Project Managers working within the nuclear and power industries.”

“At the time, while many were bracing themselves for a recession, we became an integral part of a post pandemic move to rebuild Britain’s energy infrastructure.”

“Now, coupled with news of plans to construct eight new power stations comes a forecast of a massive job creation programme - a situation that will have major impact on our own operations in sourcing the right workforce to build and operate them.”

The plan to build eight new nuclear reactors is designed to complete one project within the next two years and another two in each of the following five years, potentially reaching the final target by 2030.

Around 10,000 construction jobs are expected to be created at the peak of building each large-scale nuclear reactor site.

Currently, Russell Taylor Group is recruiting at the new Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant where EDF is building two new nuclear reactors, the number of people working on the site in Somerset standing at more than 6,000. During the coming year, 1,700 more are expected to be hired there as they begin to provide zero carbon electricity to help the UK reach its carbon emissions target.

Technical and Engineering recruiters are also filling a growing demand for the supply of a qualified and highly-skilled workforce at sites at Heysham, Dungeness B, Sizewell B, Hartlepool and Torness along with sourcing the right skills to work on the decommissioning of some of the UK’s older power stations, creating a cleaner and safer environment. 

Steve added: “To cope with the demand facing us over the coming years from our clients in the energy, nuclear, oil and gas, manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, defence and fast-moving consumer goods sectors, we are keen to recruit more consultants.

“What we’re looking for are people who are driven, have the motivation to succeed, are confident and have good communication skills. Most of all, they – like all the team here – will put the focus of their energy on matching the right person and their particular skills to make a perfect fit for the hiring client.”

Steve McCarthy can be contacted by email at or by phone on 0151 304 7034.